Leriot Business Development Process

Many organizations and their component parts—including companies, project teams, departmental initiatives, families—achieve remarkable results, despite less than optimal performance levels.

Leriot sees tremendous value in harnessing this untapped potential. We have found that when business professionals, executives and managers, focus on enhancing their individual skills while supported by proven systems, their performance improvement is limitless. We’ve proven the organizations that employ them enjoy spectacular bottom line results as a benefit.

That knowledge is embodied in the Leriot Development Process, which is pictured here. At the center are the Seven Essential Skills vital to high quality performance. The outer ring represents the Leriot System—a continuous process of organizational management.

Leriot uses three related approaches to assist our clients in reaching ever-higher levels of productivity, proficiency, performance and profit. Each offering covers one or two or even all of the concepts contained within the Leriot Process.

Systems and Processes – The Leriot System of Management is the foundation to a series of simple systems and processes. We have found excellent results with their initial installation and astonishing results once they are mastered.

Management Development – The focus is on individual growth and development. We have created a vast array of programs with Leriot’s Seven Essential Skills at their core. These Leriot University programs are custom tailored for a single client’s managers and top-level employees. The workshops are highly interactive and generally last from a half-day to two days in length.

Consulting Services – We provide business advice and top-level meeting facilitation to establish and successfully implement strategy. These direct client engagements typical last one to several years. Our clients report continuous accelerated performance with our long-term involvement.

The depth of exploration and improvement steps up between our Management Development Programs, and widens exponentially during Consulting engagements.